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Coy Eakin: Life in the Passing Lane – From Game-Day Grabs to Personal Pursuits

October 16, 2023
November 1, 2023

From the young age of six, Coy Eakin had been living in the throes of competitive sports. He found himself in the heart of the American tradition of football and the adrenaline-rushing world of rodeo. He rode horses and scored touchdowns on the football field, a duality that defined his upbringing. However, as he grew older, football began to become his passion. Eakin now devotes his days to chasing his dreams on the gridiron, with the same spirit that once led him in rodeo rings.

In the Shoes of a College Football Player

Life as a college football player is no walk in the park. Eakin begins his day at 6:20 in the morning. From rehab sessions and breakfast to intensive training, lifting weights, and indoor catches - everything is part of his daily routine. He has a thousand catches to make each day, and his schedule is regimented down to the last minute. At 12:30 pm, he meets with his quarterback, Tyler Shough. The afternoon is devoted to football school, followed by dinner at 4 pm. Then, it's time for a well-deserved break at home. A typical day in Eakin's life attests to his dedication and commitment to the sport. He treats his involvement in football as a full-time job, a passion that fills his day, with evenings reserved for bonding with teammates.

Reminiscing the High School Gridiron Days

Senior year in high school was an intense and emotional ride for Eakin. The weight of expectations and the anticipation of what lay ahead made the atmosphere thick with pressure. However, Eakin's unwavering determination, commitment to excellence, and countless hours of practice saw him through these challenges. His consistent effort and dedication led to an astonishing undefeated season, where his leadership skills shone brightly, guiding his team to a prestigious state championship with an impeccable 16-0 record. Throughout the season, Eakin's stellar on-field performances were a testament to his skill and passion, earning him well-deserved recognition as the Offensive MVP of the state. Just as the euphoria of high school achievements began to wane and the dust settled, another thrilling chapter opened up for Eakin. Texas Tech University (TTU) recognized his exceptional talent and extended an offer to him. The timing was nail-bitingly close, coming in just two days before the signing deadline. This moment was more than just an offer; it was an affirmation of his years of unwavering dedication to football, and it heralded the beginning of an exciting new journey in his athletic career.

Unforgettable Moments on the Field

As a passionate and determined athlete, Coy tucked away a multitude of memories throughout his career, yet one incident at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium perpetually illuminates his reminiscences. Amidst a roaring crowd of approximately 2,000 spectators, he was enveloped by an indescribably surreal emotion during a pivotal game-winning play. The memory is vivid: executing a meticulous maneuver, he deftly stripped the ball from his adversary, seamlessly directing it into his teammate's grasp, thereby securing a triumphant touchdown. Eakin's tales of prowess on the field don’t just end there; they are also generously sprinkled with dreams and aspirations beyond the turf. In the confines of his imagination, he conjures a dinner, an intimate gathering where he shares tales and absorbs wisdom from revered icons like Stefon Diggs and Michael Jordan. Eakin not only admires Diggs for his exemplary style of play but also strives to integrate similar finesse and agility into his own performances on the field. Observing Diggs’ nuanced techniques and strategies, he has found a model to emulate, fostering an ambition to ascend to parallel heights of acclaim and proficiency. Regarding Michael Jordan, the admiration transcends beyond mere appreciation into an arena of reverence; Jordan isn’t just a basketball legend to Coy but the epitome, the GOAT (Greatest of All Time), of athletic excellence and achievement. Eakin finds his motivational reserves within the legacies of these sportsmen, utilizing their journeys as both a roadmap and a source of relentless inspiration. Thus, his endeavors on the field become a tapestry, woven with threads of his own experiences, ambitions, and the legendary tales of his idols.

Preparing for Life Beyond Football

Eakin is a man of foresight, understanding the importance of preparing for a future beyond his athletic career. With this in mind, Eakin has chosen to major in Kinesiology, which aligns with his interest in the mechanics of body movement and physical activity. This choice of study complements his active lifestyle and allows him to delve deeper into understanding the human body, its capabilities, and limits. His academic journey is aimed at becoming a Physician Assistant, a role that would let him apply his knowledge and continue to be involved in the realm of physical health and wellbeing. However, recently, he has been exploring a new academic interest spurred by his deep affection for animals. His interactions with animals, both on and off the field, have kindled in him a desire to dedicate his time to their care and study. He is contemplating a switch to Animal Science, a field that would allow him to combine his love for animals with his scientific curiosity.

Embracing the NIL Era

Coy sees the advent of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rights as a transformative change in collegiate athletics. To him, this evolution in athletes' rights is not merely a shift in policy; it's an opportunity for self-expression and personal growth. He believes that NIL rights allow athletes to share more of their authentic selves, helping fans and the general public understand the day-to-day life of an athlete, which goes far beyond the games, practices, and training. Eakin also sees the NIL era as an opportunity to help their loved ones. The additional income from NIL deals can assist athletes in supporting their families, funding their education, or investing in their future beyond the world of sports. It also brings with it a degree of financial independence that was previously unattainable for many college athletes.

Off the Field Favorites

When he's not on the football field, Eakin immerses himself in activities that provide a stark contrast to his adrenaline-fueled athletic life. He cherishes the serene and patient nature of fishing, an activity that offers a peaceful escape from the non-stop intensity of the gridiron. Eakin revels in the tranquility that surrounds him as he casts his line, the soft lapping of the water against the shore a soothing counterpoint to the roaring crowds of the football stadium. Hunting is another pursuit he enjoys, albeit a more dynamic one. It appeals to his competitive side, requiring a mix of patience, precision, and strategic thinking - skills he also applies on the football field. The woods provide him with a different type of challenge, a natural arena where he can channel his instinctual drive. Music, specifically rap, is another avenue for Eakin to unwind and detach from his athletic duties. The raw emotion, rhythm, and lyrical prowess found in rap resonate with him. Two of his favorite tracks, "Make No Sense" and "New Year's Day," illustrate his preference for songs that combine evocative lyrics with compelling beats. The beats pulsate through him, providing a rhythmic backdrop to his daily routine, while the lyrics offer a poetic narrative that stirs his thoughts.

A Man with a Grateful Heart

Coy Eakin, through every stride and on every play, carries with him a steadfast dedication to his faith, always ensuring to foreground his gratitude for the bounties and opportunities that have graced his path. Expressing a heartfelt acknowledgment, he asserts, "I want people to know that I am a Man of God. He has put me in great positions," allowing a glimpse into the devout compass that guides his decisions and actions. Eakin’s humility and unwavering faith serve as his anchors, ensuring his spirit remains grounded even amidst the swirling maelstrom of pressure and exhilaration inherent in his sports journey. His spiritual beliefs not only navigate him through the tumultuous seas of his professional career but also sculpt his character, defining his interactions and relationships off the field. In moments of triumph and in the abyss of defeat, Eakin's faith emerges not merely as a comfort but as a beacon that illuminates his path with unwavering light, always guiding him toward perseverance and moral fortitude. Conversations with him often twine around tales of unseen forces, of prayers whispered in moments of solitude, and a divine presence felt in the adrenaline-fueled arenas of his games. Eakin, in his vulnerability, shares stories of how his faith has been a silent yet potent force, molding his responses to both accolades and critiques, thereby shaping a career that is as spiritually rich as it is professionally illustrious. Friends and teammates alike find a serene strength in Eakin, often drawing from his ability to find a divine serenity amidst the chaotic tempests of professional sport. Thus, the tapestry of his career is intricately interwoven with threads of athletic prowess and a deeply embedded spiritual resilience, creating a narrative that is as compelling as it is inspirational.