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Libby Ragsdale: Fan inc.'s Cheerful Ambassador

September 8, 2023
September 26, 2023

Meet Libby Ragsdale, a dynamic embodiment of spirit, intellect, and ambition. As a sophomore pre-law major at Texas Tech University, this 19-year-old hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, seamlessly balances academics, cheerleading, and a newfound role as a brand ambassador for the sports tech company, Fan inc.

With an impressive 14 years of cheerleading under her belt, Libby's passion, discipline, and commitment shine through in every sphere of her life, inspiring those around her. Join us as we delve into the exciting journey of this vibrant young woman who is clearly on the rise.

Discipline and Balance

Adhering to the principle of "academics before athletics," Libby's rigorous routine includes thrice-weekly cheerleading sessions starting at 6 am, lifting workouts at 8 am, and her academic classes commencing at 10 am. She also dedicates between one to two hours daily for focused study. To adeptly manage these demanding commitments, she turns to a trusty planner. This helps her prioritize: academics always come first, followed by her cheerleading obligations, and finally, carving out moments for social interactions and friendships.

Libby's High School Highlight

Libby holds her high school years close to her heart, with a myriad of moments and milestones that shaped her adolescence. Among those cherished memories, one stands out distinctly—the honor of being crowned Homecoming Queen during her senior year. This wasn't just a mere title or a fleeting moment of spotlight; it was a culmination of years of dedication, passion, and an embodiment of the spirit she brought to her school community.

The crowning event itself is etched in her mind with vibrant clarity. She can still feel the weight of the crown, the softness of the sash, and the thunderous applause that reverberated around the stadium. More poignant than these physical sensations was the overwhelming warmth and pride radiating from her family. Their eyes glistened not just with happiness but with a profound sense of recognition, acknowledging the young woman Libby had become. Their presence and evident joy served as an affirmation of her unwavering dedication, spirited demeanor, and countless hours of hard work that went beyond just school activities.

For Libby, the title of Homecoming Queen wasn't just about a crown or a sash; it was a testament to her journey—a journey marked by commitment, resilience, and a drive to make a difference. It was a symbol of love, support, and belief not only from her family but also from a community that had seen her grow, evolve, and shine.

The Opportunity with Fan inc.

Recognizing Libby's potential, Fan inc., an emerging powerhouse in the sports tech industry, offered her an ambassadorship. This opportunity marries her passion for cheerleading with her interest in innovative NIL solutions, making it a dream come true for both sides. Libby is strongly positive about the NCAA's new Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) policy. She views it as a powerful tool that not only fosters brand growth but also imparts lessons in financial responsibility to student-athletes. The reality of being a student-athlete, as Libby points out, often makes it challenging to hold a traditional job. NIL policies bridge this gap, providing athletes with an opportunity to earn, learn, and grow their personal brands. The situation is a “win on both sides”. On one hand, it allows athletes to monetize their skills, fame, and hard work, offering a new stream of income. On the other hand, it grants them an early introduction to managing their own finances and learning the intricacies of branding and marketing. These benefits make NIL a significant step forward in recognizing and respecting the contributions of student-athletes.

Life Off the Mat

When she steps away from academics and the cheer mat, Libby enjoys a variety of pursuits that keep her grounded and refreshed. She is an avid country music listener. When she’s not busy with her various responsibilities, Libby likes to unwind by listening to country music and spending time with her dog. Libby appreciates the unique bond and unconditional love she has for her dog, Luna. She is a self-confessed fitness enthusiast, she enjoys any form of exercise to keep her mind and body fit. Last but certainly not least, she has a special place in her heart for shopping.

Libby's Future Aspirations

Libby's passion for cheering during her collegiate years is evident, and there remains a palpable enthusiasm in her for possibly extending this chapter of her life if the right opportunity comes along. This dedication to her sport is a testament to her commitment and love for cheering. However, another horizon beckons her; the intricate and challenging world of law. Her excitement towards embarking on a legal career speaks volumes about her multifaceted interests and her determination to excel in diverse fields.

Yet, irrespective of which avenue she eventually decides to pursue—be it continuing her cheering journey or diving deep into the realm of jurisprudence—there's one thing that's undeniably clear: Libby's drive, dedication, and discipline will be her guiding stars. These qualities have always been her core strengths, shaping her past endeavors and promising to lead her to future successes. As she stands at this crossroad, one can be assured that whichever path she chooses, her indomitable spirit and tenacity will propel her forward, enabling her to achieve whatever she sets her heart and mind to in life.

Dinner With the Greatest Ever

When asked which renowned athlete she'd love to share a meal with, Libby's answer was immediate and enthusiastic: Simone Biles. This choice reflects Libby's admiration for Biles not just as an extraordinary gymnast, but also as a resilient individual who embodies strength and determination in all aspects of life. For Libby, dinner with Biles would be more than a meal; it would be an opportunity to learn and draw inspiration from a champion who has consistently risen above all adversity with grit.


Libby's journey, marked by resilience and determination, is a profound testament to her unyielding strength, vibrant spirit, and unwavering ambition. Having faced numerous challenges and emerged triumphant, she has solidified her position not just as an individual of notable talent but also as a beacon of inspiration for many. As a brand ambassador for Fan inc., her reach is not limited to her immediate community. She is poised to inspire not only her peers but also a whole new generation of student-athletes, who will look up to her as a symbol of what dedication and passion can achieve. Hailing from Texas Tech, this cheerleader's achievements aren't restricted to just her athletic prowess. With a vision that extends far beyond the field, Libby is bound to continue making impactful moves, shaping her legacy and positively influencing the world of sports and beyond. As her story unfolds, it's imperative for all of us to keep a watchful eye on her, for she's destined for greatness.