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Unmasking the Heart of a Champion: Jacoby Jackson

July 27, 2023
August 11, 2023

A proud son of Arlington, Texas, Jacoby Jackson has made quite a name for himself, both on and off the field.

A proud son of Arlington, Texas, Jacoby Jackson has made quite a name for himself, both on and off the field. Jacoby’s passion for sports, especially football, is deeply rooted in his family history, dating back to his father's NFL days with the San Diego Chargers and Detroit Lions. But who is Jacoby Jackson off the gridiron? In this blog post, we get to know our Fan Inc. Ambassador Student-Athlete, Jacoby, a bit more intimately.

A Family Bonded by Sports and Service

Jacoby's journey into the world of football didn't occur by chance; it was rather a birthright. His father, an ex-NFL player for the San Diego Chargers and Detroit Lions, ignited Jacoby's love for the sport at the young age of nine. His mother, a dedicated CPS worker, and his two sisters, a nurse and a basketball coach, are his constant cheerleaders, traveling even as far as NC State to witness Jacoby's first starting game. This shared passion for sports and their unwavering support have played a significant role in shaping Jacoby's athletic journey.

High School Triumphs and Memories 

Jacoby’s high school experience was not just "pretty good"; it was a time filled with hard work, determination, and sweet triumphs. Among the highlights was his senior year when his team, against the odds, secured a playoff spot. Jacoby fondly recalls, “People doubted us, and we won,” a testament to his tenacity and spirit. This victory remains etched in his memory as a time when he truly understood the power of belief in oneself and one's team.

Balancing Act: Athletics, Academics, and Everything in Between

The life of a student-athlete is undoubtedly challenging, and Jacoby embodies the balance it requires. His favorite playing fields – the roaring Texas Tech Jones AT&T Stadium and his hometown's TCU Amon G. Carter Stadium – encapsulate the highs of his athletic journey. 

Jacoby’s typical day starts with early morning practice, followed by attending classes, lunch, team meetings, and winding up the day studying game films from 4-6pm. He relies heavily on reminders and alarms to navigate this tight schedule. The key, he says, is staying organized and making use of the resources provided by the staff. Despite the demanding routine, Jacoby embraces it, seeing it as part and parcel of his growth as a student and an athlete.

Vision for the Future: More Than Just a Game

As a Sports Management major, Jacoby's ambitions reach beyond just excelling in the sport he loves. His eyes are set on becoming a director of operations, a role that would allow him to delve deeper into the intricacies of the sporting world and contribute significantly to its continuous evolution.

Jacoby's decision to focus on Sports Management is no random choice. It's an extension of his lifelong passion, born out of years watching and playing the game, learning its nuances, and understanding its impacts both on and off the field. It represents a desire to remain connected to the world that has given him so much, even when his playing days are behind him.

His unique perspective as an athlete gives Jacoby a valuable insight into what works, what doesn't, and what could be done differently. He plans to use this knowledge to foster a positive environment for future athletes, ensuring they get the support they need to excel just as he did. Ultimately, Jacoby’s goal is to create a lasting legacy in the world of sports, impacting it in ways that go beyond his personal achievements on the field.

Off the Field Passions and Favorites

If he could share a dinner table with any famous athlete, it would be Lebron James, someone he admires for his greatness and would love to seek advice from. Off the field, Jacoby enjoys Denzel Washington movies (particularly The Equalizer), fishing, hanging out with friends, and playing Madden. His music taste leans towards Rap and R&B. 

A Heart for Giving 

Jacoby’s take on the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) initiative is as much about the opportunities it affords to athletes as it is about the chance to make a positive impact on the community. For him, NIL represents a platform to give back, a philosophy he holds close to his heart.

A visit to Iron Mountain in his parents' hometown of Texarkana, a vibrant community center for senior citizens, tells the story of his dedication to service. Here, Jacoby spends quality time interacting with the seniors, bringing them joy, and contributing to their well-being. His generosity extends to sponsoring meals and gifts during the football season and on special occasions such as Mother's Day and Father's Day.

These selfless acts reflect Jacoby's inherent empathy and commitment to bettering the lives of others. It's an attribute that transcends his athletic capabilities, painting a picture of a young man who values community and kindness, as much as he does victory on the field.

Embracing Lubbock: A Home Away from Home

Jacoby's love for Lubbock extends beyond the boundaries of Texas Tech’s Jones AT&T Stadium. He appreciates the warmth and friendliness of the locals and enjoys exploring the town's culinary scene. The Red Zone Cafe holds a special place in his heart, being his top pick for the best breakfast in Lubbock. It's this blend of community spirit and delightful dining experiences that make Lubbock feel like a home away from home for Jacoby.


In every facet of his life, Jacoby Jackson radiates the qualities of a true champion: dedication, resilience, humility, and a genuine desire to give back. His life on and off the field is a testament to these qualities. As our Fan Inc. Ambassador, Jacoby continues to inspire us with his fervor for sports, his commitment to academia, his vision for the future of sports management, and his devotion to making a meaningful impact in his community. In essence, Jacoby Jackson is not just a rising star in the athletic world, but a role model for young athletes and students alike. We're proud to share his story and look forward to witnessing his continued journey.